ACPS Services
Cats: Cats are my specialty. I love cats and have a "nack" for bonding with them. I firmly beleive in enriching their lives through play. If your cat has "behavioral issues" that have you concerned - I can help. Daily interaction is very important so I strongly encourage daily visits.
Amber's Concierge Pet Services
"Caring for your furry (or slithery) family members in the comfort of their own home."
Amber's Concierge Pet Services
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Dayton, OH
Watering your indoor plants.
Taking in your mail.
Detering criminals.Not only will I care for your pet(s), I will also look out for you. Leaving your home looking empty is a security concern many people have. On your request I will do a perimiter check upon arrival and adjust lighting and blinds (i can also confirm that you unplugged the iron and turned off your stove before leaving).
Serving the Dayton, Ohio Area
Small Mammals, Exotics, Birds: These small, lovable (yes cold-blooded pets need love too) creatures need our attention. I will come (daily prefferably) to ensure there is ample food and water as well as to ensure the temperature is correct (our cold-blooded friends may even need multiple visits to adjust lighting and heat for day and evening). I also provide enrichment through handling (where appropriate).
Dogs: Most know the needs of a dog. Proper feeding and watering, excercise and human bonding. These are a must. I will come as many times a day (at least 2X) as your pet needs.
Additional services provided at
Simple Pricing
Basic pet sitting: $17.00 / visit
up to 30 minutes (longer visits can be negotiated)
applies to cats, small mammals, exotics, and birds
Dog walking / pooper scooper: $22.00 / visit
up to 30 minutes (longer visits can be negotiated)
* Ask about special rates for long term and corporate contracts.
* Additional $5.00 for multiple pets
* Prices are subject to change without notice.
Introductory meet and greet is always FREE.